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  Welcome to use basetao delivery service ,no matter where you buy your products in China , we can help to ship them to any valid addresses you requested .It’s very simple to use this service , you just need to write down the needed information and submit to order .  

  Our advantage :
  1. we offer all kinds of delivery methods for your choice,like DHL,EMS,China post ,EUB etc.
  2. It is no service fee to use basetao delivery service , what you need to pay is just the shipping fee to your address.
  3. When the parcels come to our warehouse , we will help to check the quality and take the pictures of the items .And it’s for free.
  4. We can repack your parcels as you requested.
  5. We help you to remove the unnecessary packing material to lower the weight of the parcel ,so you can save the shipping fee .
  Friendly note :
  1.   We don’t support to ship any prohibited products against the law like weapon ,alcohol etc.We also can not ship pure battery and products with size more than 1.5 meter .
  2.   Import duties,taxes and other charges fee if it occurs when the parcel entering into your country's customs,should be burden on your side.The only thing we can do to avoid such
  3.   fees for you is to declare your parcel as a personal gift with low value or feel free to tell us how you like us to describe your parcel.

Our basic services

shop for me

Basetao helps you to purchase from China. You can pick any items from Chinesee-commerce sites,such as taobao/1688/wechat/yupoo etc.Basetao would buy and ship on your behalf.Service fee only takes only takes 0-5%.

ship for me

If you are able to purchase the goods directly from the Chinese-e-commerce website and just want basetao ship your items to your house or your customers ,then you can use this service ,just send the items to our waehouse , we would do quality check ,take pictures and other services for you .It is no service fee.

Search for me

If you can not find the items you want ,basetao can help to look for the specific products from the source we know .it is no service fee.

Potential cooperation

We are open minded to any potential cooperation ,share your business idea with us and we can work it out together.

Why basetao

After sale service

When your items come to basetao warehouse ,if you do not like them ,we would like to help to return or exchange them ,but only in seller’s permission .suitable for ship for me and shop for me order.

Quality check

When your items come to our warehouse ,we would check the quality of your items and report it to you if any defect problem is found.

Free QC pictures

We automatically upload few free QC pictures to your order once it arrives at our warehouse and no extra fee for additional pictures ,just leave a note on the order about it.

Free measurement

If you are not sure whether your clothes are the right size for you or not , you can ask our warehouse team to help to measure it for you . no fee is charged.

Splitting order

If your order has at least two items ,then you can split this order to few branch orders if you want to send them to different addresses.

180days of free storage time

You can wait for all your orders to come to basetao warehouse and ship them together , no need to rush your orders as all your items can be stored long enough as 180days in basetao warehouse.

Amazon FBA

We can help to send your items to your amazon FBA warehouse , just send the FBA shipment label to us(by note or by email),we would print it and paste it to your parcel.

combine orders

You can send your orders from different sellers together as one parcel so you can save the shipping fee.

Reinforced packing

Once you submit to ship your orders,we would pack your parcel in a very professional way and use all kinds of protected packing material to protect your items.

About Us


Basetao is your one stop solution for all needs to shop in China.We help you to take care of everything ,you just need to wait for your parcel at home .


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Never stop being better,seek out your satisfaction .

We have been being a Taobao agency for many years, we are professional and skillful on dealing with Taobao business. Our only goal is to offer better and better service for our clients to have wonderful shopping experience with Basetao. Basetao is committed to providing the highest quality of services for client to enjoy easier, more convenient and more efficient shopping from Taobao. As one of the members of Taobao agencies in China, we always think about how to improve Basetao.