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Please write down the necessary information to place the order ,or you may not submit to order .If you meet any problem to use this function , feel free to contact us for help .

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Welcome to use basetao delivery service ,no matter where you buy your products in China , we can help to ship them to any valid addresses you requested .It’s very simple to use this service , you just need to write down the needed information and submit to order .

Our advantage :

1.we offer all kinds of delivery methods for your choice,like DHL,EMS,China post ,EUB etc.

2.It is no service fee to use basetao delivery service , what you need to pay is just the shipping fee to your address.

3.When the parcels come to our warehouse , we will help to check the quality and take the pictures of the items .And it’s for free.

4.We can repack your parcels as you requested.

5.We help you to remove the unnecessary packing material to lower the weight of the parcel ,so you can save the shipping fee .

Friendly note :
We don’t support to ship any prohibited products against the law like weapon ,alcohol etc.We also can not ship pure battery and products with size more than 1.5 meter .
Import duties,taxes and other charges fee if it occurs when the parcel entering into your country's customs,should be burden on your side.The only thing we can do to avoid such fees for you is to declare your parcel as a personal gift with low value or feel free to tell us how you like us to describe your parcel.

Our Service


Select a recharge method to recharge for your Basetao account and select taobao/tmall products. If you can not find the product your search for, our customer service team is here to help you.


When you have paid for your order, our buyers will purchase your products quickly and communicate with the seller. So they quickly arrive in our warehouse.


Once your order arrives in our warehouse, our buyers will take photos so you can not be disappointed. Displeased? We send the products back to the seller and deposit the money back into your Basetao account.


You can send the order to your home. Choose the shipping method and pay only 5% commission and low shipping costs, the package will be shipped As Soon As Possible.