As HK custom is being very strict lately ,we have to close HK DHL from now on,you can wait till next week to check and SA DHL is still available to ship branded items (declared value no less than 52USD for Europe and 80USD for USA) ,but DHL(only for unbranded items) and Fedex express do not support to ship branded items .Given the current situation of worse covid-19 outbreaks, all the logistics will be delayed ,please wait for your parcels patiently .

Basetao search for you:

  1. Can not find the items you want ? Please try our search for me service , you just need to fill in the needed information,add it to the cart and submit to order it ,then we would try our best to find the items you want based on your given information.The service fee is only 1CNY,you would get it refunded if we can not find the item. .
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If basetao has helped to find the item , how to make the order for it?


If basetao has found the item you want , we will give you the product link for the item if it comes from taobao,tmall or 1688,then you can use the search bar to make the order for it.If it comes from offline seller ,we will guide you how to make the order by leaving a note on the order about it.