Hi Dear basetao friends
The Chinese New year holidays will start from 26th Jan 2022 to 7th Feb 2022,back to work on 8th Feb 2022. 24th Jan 2022 would be the last day for shipment and 19th Jan 2022 would be last day for purchasing your orders before holidays . Thank you for your attention .
Wish you all the best in 2022!
Basetao team

Friend note:Before registering ,you better add info.basetao.com to the whilt list under your email for more easier receiving message from basetao.The activated email may take 1-3 hours to get to your gmail box and take less time to get to hotmail box.

Note:Belows are the steps to set @basetao.com as a whitelist for gmail. Other mailbox settings can be referenced.

STEP 1: Enter the mailbox and click the mailbox settings button to select settings.

STEP 2: Select Filters and Blocked Addresses => Create a new filter.

STEP 3: Fill in @basetao.com at FROM and click Continue to proceed to the next step.

STEP 4: Check Star it => Never send it to Spam => Always mark it as important Click Cancel to finish.

STEP 5: After the setting is successful, you can resend the mail as shown below.



Why set up a mail whitelist?


Due to the influence of the merchant rules of the major mail systems, the judgment criteria for incoming mail will result in the failure to receive or delay the receipt of the mail, which affects our receipt to a certain extent, so after adding an email address to the white list, Letters from the address will reduce the impact of the rules, ensuring that you will receive emails from that address.