Welcome to this guide that will explain you how to order at Taobao using


Step 1: Register at Basetao.
Step 2: Recharge your account.
Step 3: Find products at Taobao.
Step 4: Buy your product with Basetao.

Step 1: Register at Basetao

Let’s get started! You’re about to get introduced to the awesome shopping experience at Taobao. But first; let’s create an account at Basetao. Why I have to create an account at Basetao if I want to buy on Taobao? Well, Taobao only provides shipping services to the SEA (South-East Asia) countries. That’s why our warehouse in China will buy the products for you, and then ship them to your country!

→ Go to www.basetao.com

→ In the left top corner you will find Login / Register. Choose.

→ Fill in the information required. Make sure you use your own email address.
→ Now check your email inbox. You have received an email with a link to activate your account. Please note: the email could be in your spam inbox.
→ Congratulations! You completed the first step.

Step 2: Recharge your account

So first you will need to put money on your account to be able to buy products. Basetao offers different kinds of payment methods, namely: Paypal, Creditcard, Western Union and iDeal (only for Dutch users).

→ After logging in, click “recharge.

→ Here you can see the payment methods and the current exchange rate. This indicates how much Chinese Yuan you will get in return for 1 euro.

→ Determine the amount you want to recharge, follow the steps during paying and then you successfully recharged your Basetao account! Now you are able to get started searching for a product.

Step 3: Find products at Taobao

So what actually is Taobao? Taobao is part of the big company Alibaba. It is a marketplace for small business and individual entrepreneurs which can sell products to consumers. Taobao contains of about 800 million products and was founded in 2003. The website can be compared to Ebay

→→ Go to www.taobao.com Unfortunately, Taobao is not available in English and especially in the beginning you will need to use translating programs. After logging in, click recharge.

→ You can either search in English or in Chinese. Sometimes it will give you different results. To do some basic shopping, we will show you an example when searching for ‘women bag’.

→ After entering you can see a lot of results. You can search in a certain price range or search on popularity if you want to. Note: the price is in Chinese Yuan. You have to devide this by the exchange rate. So the bag listed below costs €2,82 without shipping costs. Let’s choose this bag!

→ Now you managed to find your first product on Taobao! You can click on the item to view more pictures and get more information.

Step 4: Buy your product with Basetao

We arrived at the last step of this tutorial! This step will tell you how you can actually order a product.

→ To start, copy the product link you want to buy. We will copy the link from the bag mentioned above.

→ Go to the homepage of Basetao. You can access this by clicking on the logo in the left top corner or by going to www.basetao.com again.

→ Enter the link in the search box. Then click on the search icon.

→ Here you can select color and size. You will also see domestic shipping, this is the amount that is charged for the shipping from the seller to Basetao’s warehouse. If something is not clear, you can put this in the notes. For this bag I would put: color black. If you’re done, click ‘add to cart’.

→ Now the item is in your cart, which you can access in the right top corner. After you have confirmed, the order is placed!

→ Now it will take about 1 to 5 days for the items to arrive in Basetao’s warehouse. This depends on the seller’s location and how fast the seller ships out the product.

→ Go to your account by clicking on your name in the left top corner. Then in the left bar select ‘My orders’.

→ Your just placed order will be in ‘Pending’. If it arrived in Basetao’s warehouse, you can find it in ‘In Warehouse’. Here you will get pictures of your item so you can check it you like it. You can also see the item weight.

→ Select your item and click ‘submit to ship’. Complete your address info and now afterwards you can select a shipping method. Prices differentiate depending on the item weight and shipping time. For example, DHL is very fast and China Post will take some more time. The table below shows the shipping possibilities to Germany.

→ Select the option that suits you the best. Then confirm the order and you’re done! Your order will be shipped and you can expect it soon!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our service!

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

- The Basetao team

Please note:

- Basetao is not responsible for any tax that needs to be paid.